How Do I Get a Free CARFAX Report?

Free Carfax vehicle history reports
Free Carfax

In the market for a used car? Get a Free Carfax Vehicle History Report on any of our used Cars, Trucks, Vans or SUVs in our car lot in Jersey City, NJ.

If so, then it makes sense to want to know about the vehicle’s history so you can make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. For instance:

  • How many previous owners did it previously have?

  • Has it been involved in any accidents?

  • Has it been involved in any natural disasters?

  • Did previous owners have any recall repairs performed?

  • Were there any issues with the title?

  • How was the vehicle used?

These are all important questions you’ll want to have answers to before you agree to purchase a used car – and a CARFAX Vehicle History report can provide them.

By knowing these details about a prospective used vehicle, you can make a much more educated decision about whether to purchase it and what price to negotiate to. All it takes is running the vehicle’s unique, 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to have this information at your disposal.

It’s a free service we’re pleased to offer with every used vehicle on our lot so we can empower you to make smarter buying decisions. Whether you’re looking for a car, truck, SUV, van or even a hybrid/electric, we’re happy to provide you with a CARFAX report. 

What Do CARFAX Reports Include?

Simply put, CARFAX Vehicle History Reports include everything you’ll need to know to make an educated decision about the vehicle that you’re eyeing. Think of it as a resource to help you have peace of mind in your potential purchase. Unlike purchasing a new vehicle, used vehicles have had at least one previous owner.

A CARFAX report helps offer a glimpse into how its previous owners operated it, what they used it for, how well they cared for it and if it was involved in any significant accidents. You won’t be able to see any personal details of previous owners due to privacy laws, but you’ll be able to see just about everything else pertaining to the vehicle.

Here’s a look at some of the information one of our free CARFAX used cars reports contains:

  • Major accidents

  • Mileage rollbacks

  • Total number of owners and their respective lengths of ownership

  • Structural damage

  • Vehicle use (i.e., lease, personal, taxi, public service, etc.)

  • Repair information and service records

  • An estimate of miles driver per year

  • Safety issues

  • Recall information

  • Warranty information

  • Title and registration information

Peace Of Mind Purchasing

The CARFAX database consists of information on more than 24 billion vehicles. And CARFAX reports are available for any vehicle make, model and year – from Acura to Toyota to Ford. You can rest assured that the VIN number that gets inputted into the system will have all the information you need for your purchasing decision.

Normally, a CARFAX report costs $30 per report, but when you work with us, we’ll ensure that you get the report free of charge. It’s part of our value-added service and our commitment to ensuring you’re comfortable with your purchasing decision.

We’re happy to provide the necessary resources to enable peace of mind purchasing.

Contact Us For More Information

Whatever the make, model and model year, we make it easy for you to purchase with confidence. It’s because we offer a complimentary CARFAX Vehicle History Report with every vehicle. We also offer CARFAX Safety and Reliability Reports. Contact us today for more information and for your free CARFAX report.