NJ State Auto Used Cars Ranks the Top 4 Car Rivalries Ever

Like many of you, we recently saw the trailer for the highly-anticipated Ford v. Ferrari, which is set to hit theaters this November. That got us thinking: What other matchups do we consider among the greatest car rivalries in history? 

You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

Our Favorite Car Rivalries

Toyota vs. Honda

The two big Japanese manufacturers have a long and turbulent history together. Sub5Zero explains that Honda was founded in an act of seeming defiance — Soichira Honda went his own way and created the company’s first car, the T360 pickup, despite the protestations of Japan’s manufacturing leaders. 

The two brands bump heads frequently with their sizeable control of the family sedan market, though their supercars like the NSX and Supra sometimes scuffle, too. Maybe there are good feelings underneath it all, though: Honda’s founder shared pistons with Toyota prior to World War II.

VW GTI vs. Ford Focus ST 

These two hatchbacks both bring the heat. The VW GTI has the street cred, according to Popular Mechanics:

“For hot-hatchbacks devotees, the VW GTI is as revered as the Porsche 911 or the Chevy Corvette. This is the car that defines the segment.”

Pretty high praise, to be sure. But Ford brought its A-game with the Ford Focus ST, generating more than respectable horsepower and torque to surpass the GTI in engine performance. However, the Focus ST is a bit heavy and doesn’t have the GTI’s torque.

The verdict: Tie. Popular Mechanics decided that the two cars are rather evenly matched — a perfect opportunity for Ford and VW to raise the stakes in the coming years.

Nissan GT-R vs. Porsche 911 Turbo

Speaking of the Porsche 911, it’s caught up in its own little rivalry. Perhaps “little” isn’t the right word — Jalopnik readers named this feud as one of the top ten most vicious car rivalries of all time. Nissan threw some serious shade back in 2008 when it decided to start setting some lap records on the tracks in Nürburgring, Germany, also known as The Royal and Impenetrable Kingdom of Porsche (unofficially).

Of course, Porsche went into full get-off-my-lawn mode and took its 911 model to Turbo status. Nissan boosted its GT-R, Porsche responded with their own updates, and the two cars took the track to see who reigned supreme.

According to Raphael Orlove in a post for Jalopnik:

“Sure, the monomaniacal focus on lap times got a bit silly, but it was an epic battle for sports car dominance nonetheless.”

Ford Mustang vs. Chevrolet Camaro 

The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro have been fighting since they were first introduced. The Mustang shook up the U.S. car market when it arrived on the scene in 1964, and Chevrolet knew it had to up the ante, Sub5Zero explains.

Thus were the competitive circumstances of the Camaro’s birth on a fateful day in 1967. Did the Camaro bow under the weight of the pressure and all the hopes and dreams riding on it? No. It rose to the occasion, proving a formidable opponent to the Mustang in the ensuing decades.

There may be a whiff of change in the air, though. USA Today reports that the redesigned Mustang has set itself apart as the favorite, with its updated engine and suspension. The proof is in the numbers: Ford sold 113,607 Mustangs in the first 11 months of 2015 — a 55.4% increase in sales, while Camaro sales were down 9.5%. 

Don’t think this fight is won, though — it’s very possible the Camaro will make an epic comeback.

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6 Points of ID Verification – What You’ll Need to Pass the 6 Points of ID Verification at the NJ MVC

6 Points of ID Verification

The first step is you’ll have to prove your identity by passing the 6 Points of ID Verification process at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC).

Have you considered applying for driver’s license and permits through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC)? 

The 6 Points ID Verification system was implemented to help curb identity theft by ensuring all licenses are issued with proper legal documents and verification. Keep reading to learn more.

Your 6 Points of ID Verification Questions Answered

Why Is Passing Important?

Certain licenses can’t be attained without 6 points of identification. If you’re seeking any of the following, you’ll need to comply with MVC guidelines:

  • New Jersey driver’s license

  • New Jersey driver’s permit or “probationary” license

  • Non-driver state ID card

  • Boat license

  • Motorcycle license

What Documents are Accepted?

The goal is to achieve 6 points through four possible types of documents. These include: 

  • At least one primary ID

  • At least one secondary ID

  • Verifiable Social Security Number

  • Proof of address

For information on specific point values, check out this 6 Points of ID brochure from the MVC.

You can also refer to their online document selector for help. These tools will tell you what you need to present at an MVC agency.*


En Español:

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So, Your Car Got Towed. What’s Next?

It’s every driver’s worst nightmare: You walk out to the parking lot from the grocery store, library, or the office, only to discover that your car isn’t where you left it. Then the reality of the situation hits — you’ve been towed.

Despite your best efforts, getting your car towed is an unfortunate reality for a surprisingly large number of drivers. According to Statista, the instances of cars being towed are actually on the rise.

Whether you miscalculated your time at the meter, didn’t see that “no parking sign,” or just suffered from plain old bad luck, getting your car towed can be stressful and expensive.

Here are a few basic steps to guide you if you find yourself in this position.

Steps for Getting Your Car Back After a Tow

Get the facts

Walking out to a parking lot only to find your car missing can trigger a cascade of worry and panic, but it’s important to stay calm while avoiding assumptions.

Unfortunately, many towing companies aren’t obliged to inform you that your car has been removed, which leaves it up to you to figure out if your ride has been hauled away in the first place. 

The first thing you should do is call your local police department. They should be able to inform you if your car has been registered at any of the local impound lots, indicating that it’s been towed instead of stolen.

Even in this stressful situation, knowing that your car has only been towed is something of a silver lining.

Don’t wait

You may be tempted to wait until the weekend or your day off next week to retrieve your car, but that could have disastrous consequences.

Impound lots charge you a fee for every day your car sits there. That means the longer you wait to pick up your car, the more you’ll end up paying to bust it out. 

If you wait too long, the lot may simply auction off your car. Towing companies may not even call you to tell you your car is about to be auctioned. Instead, they’ll print the announcement of the auction in the local newspaper. 

Remember those? Didn’t think so. It’s definitely worth the minor inconvenience to avoid a major headache later.

Know your rights

Fortunately, you aren’t without rights in these situations, and it’s imperative that you keep these in mind so you can avoid being taken advantage of.

For example, many towing companies will insist that you pay the required fee in cash, which can put a damper on many people’s plans of reclaiming their rides. However, even though it’s standard practice, towing companies can’t legally obligate you to pay in cash. They have to accept debit or credit transactions. 

Similarly, some cities and states allow drivers to take their cars home from the tow lot without having to pay the fee up front — all that’s required is that you provide proof of ownership.

Inspect your car

You may think that tow truck drivers are obligated to take care of your car in the process of towing it, but this isn’t the case. In fact, in many instances, operators who are in a hurry, late for another appointment, or simply absent-minded may make careless mistakes that can result in things like scratches or even dents to your car.

Most of the time these issues are strictly cosmetic, but if you notice particularly egregious damage to your car’s exterior, it may be worth it to get it inspected to ensure there isn’t any more significant damage that’s been done. 


As they say: To err is human. Mistakes are an inevitable part of life, even those that result in your car getting towed. But the important thing is to use the process as a learning experience.

If your car was towed due to illegal parking, be sure to only park in spots that you know you’re permitted to do so. Similarly, avoid racking up parking tickets. They may seem like little more than a nuisance, but if amounts accumulate, you can find yourself making another trip to the impound lot. 

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