Bad Credit Car Loans Get Your Life Moving

You need a car, but the last place you checked out said they couldn’t help you with your bad credit. But that is exactly what a bad credit car loan is supposed to do — get you approved even if you have bad credit.

NJ State Auto is here to help you turn your life around. We have the connections needed to get you in a car with a payment plan that fits in with your budget.

Are There Car Dealerships That Work With Bad Credit Near Me?

Bad Credit Car Loans
Bad Credit Car Loans

NJ State Auto does car loans for bad credit, and we are right in your neighborhood, located in Jersey City. We work with banks that specialize in bad credit loans. That means that even if your wages are being garnished, or you have child support payments to make, you can get pre-approved!  It doesn’t take long.  Click onto our site and:

Once you see the car, truck, or SUV that matches your pre-approval, we can complete the deal quickly and easily.

What is Considered Bad Credit?

Not sure if you have good or bad credit? The credit reporting companies like Experian use a credit score numbering from 300 up to 850. If your number is less than 580, you have a poor credit score. That means it can be hard to open a store credit card, get a loan, or even rent an apartment.

Check your credit score for free by clicking here.

Applying for pre-approval on our site will not negatively affect your credit score. Go ahead and find out just how much car you can afford!

Why are Bad Credit Car Loans a Good Choice for Me?

Bad Credit Car Loans in NJ

If you’ve got bad credit, you want to try and improve your score by building a positive credit history. One of the fastest ways to watch your score rise is to pay off an auto loan over a few years, even one based on your poor score. The credit reporting companies consider a car loan in good standing a better indicator of financial responsibility compared to a cell phone plan or credit card.

When you are ready to buy your next car, the banks will look at your old loan history with us and give you positive marks.

Finding the Right Ride Using Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad Credit Car Loans to Start Driving

What kind of car can you find at bad credit car dealerships near me?

At NJ State Auto we carry a huge variety of cars all listed below the Kelly Blue Book Value. Click onto our Used Vehicles page and check out:

Get Your Rating Back on Track at Our Bad Credit Car Dealerships

You work hard to take care of your family! You deserve to get your daily errands done behind the wheel of a great car or SUV. We know that your bad credit does not represent you as a person. Together, we can start to make a positive impact on your life by matching you with a vehicle and bad credit loan.

Now you’ve got the transportation needed to get to work on time, drop the kids off for soccer practice, and take a drive down to the Shore for some fun.

Click, call, or Text NJ State Auto at 201-200-1100 right now and get your loan pre-approval started! We are totally committed to working with you so that you can look forward to a better future.